Frozen Baby: Inside the Process

Frozen Baby: Inside the Process

Learn more about the creative origins of FROZEN BABY. Artistic Director Kathleen Kelly writes:

“As I was developing the projections, I was thinking about the article Mother, Writer, Monster, Maid by Rufi Thorpe. I was thinking about the ways in which women choose and navigate the reproductive process as artists, and the ways that art becomes a child to nurture, a process that can consume. “

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Smart Snow's "Territory" published in TriQuarterly literary magazine

Kathleen Kelley and Sarah Rose Nordgren's newest work "Territory" was published in TriQarterly Issue 153 this January. 

“Territory” asks us to think about the everyday places where digital and analog rub up against one another, and can produce a type of confinement. It shows us how compressed spaces, like miniatures, ask us to consider their life-sized counterparts more carefully.
— "An Introduction to Video Essays" by Sarah Minor