Proteo specializes in creating and documenting dance + performance. With our professional videographers, performers, and new media experts, we provide video and new media commissions that are exciting and evocative. We tailor our services to the needs of each collaborative partner, and work to scale projects to support other artists at all levels.

Video Services

Creative Films + Dance Films

We know many artists that have an idea for a creative or dance film without having the necessary equipment, assistance and the necessary steps needed to create a film. We offer support in all stages of the process from idea to a fully realized creative or dance film. Proteo has three customizable tiers of artist support in the creation of creative and dance films: (1) Filming, (2) Filming + Editing, (3) Production, Filming + Editing.

Projection Design

Proteo creates original projection designs in its own in house productions. We are well versed in creating projections that supports in holding space for the work, adding texture and creating engaging visuals. Let us transform your ideas into compelling visuals with original designs. Proteo also develops projection mapping to give your projections a “real-D” life of its own.

Performance and Rehearsal Documentation

As active artists ourselves, we understand the ever increasing demand for the need of Video Documentation of performances and rehearsals for audience engagement, archival purposes and other documentation needs. With our team of videographers we can provide single or multi cameras to deliver personalized and professional footage for your documentation needs.

Trailers + Promotional Materials

With the presence of social media we, as artists, are finding the need to visually promote our artistic endeavors in creative and engaging ways online. We can take any footage and create small clips, trailers and other promotional materials for your email campaigns, newsletters, websites, social media platforms and crowdfunding needs. From evening length works to informal 5minute showings, let Proteo edit your materials into short snippets that captures your work’s dynamics, aesthetics and creativity.  

If interested in any of the above services or any that are not listed or have any general questions please contact us at